Terms of Hire

Minimum age to hire bikes is 18.

Children (under 16) must be accompanied by an adult on a bike at all times.

I.D will be retained whilst hiring. Only Driving Licenses and Passports will be accepted.

A mobile phone must be taken out whilst hiring a bike so we can contact you in case of any problems.

Thetford is a working forest and occasionally forestry work or other events impact on cycle trails with temporary closures or diversions.

As the Forestry Commission cycling partner we must ask our customers to respect Forestry Commission instructions on trail use and you obey the "Forest Code"

Minimum Age for Child seat or Trailer 12 Months

No Trailers, Trailer-Bikes or Child seats on Singletrack (Blue & red) Trails

Accessories such as Trailers, Child Seats and T-Bikes cannot be fitted to customer’s personal bicycles. These accessories must be fitted to Bike Art cycles available to rent, pre booking is recommended.

No Dogs or other pets on Single track (Blue & Red) Trail.